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234 area code: 10-digit dialing begins. ATLANTA – People can rehearse their 10-digit close-by dialing limits Friday from Clayton to Columbus, Jefferson to Rome to Jefferson, and Rome and Columbus - with all obsessions in the middle.


An ensuing overlay structure is basically.

This is expected to require 10-digit dialing, which should start one year subsequently in the 234 region code. Paul Chambers, BellSouth's Head of Client Service, said that changing your dialing tendencies is a rapid aftereffect of plans to add another 762 area code to the phone union. Considering everything, this will occur in the fundamental piece of the following year.

Similarly 236 area code Ohio city serves within the united states

Chambers imparted that individuals are moving to Ohio

area code it’s an area code telephone number of United States Country. It considering the fast progress in Internet and distant phone improvement. Chambers comparably imparted that Rooms pondered another locale code to upgrade the 234 district codes. The 762 region codes are an "overlay" of the 234 codes. They permit occupants of the Athens, Augusta, Columbus and Daltons, LaGrange, Rome, Toccoa regions to start 10-digit dialing on September 1. 10-digit dialing will be required beginning April 3, 2006.

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*No changes to existing telephone numbers, calling areas, or rates will be made.

*Customers with a current phone number that contains a 234 region code will genuinely have to utilize the 234 areacode. New 762 region codes will additionally be open on phones after May 16, 2006. *All calls should be made utilizing 10-digit dialing beginning April 3, 2006. For all calls to customers with 234 or 762 area code numbers, dial 10-digits.

Codes for Ohio Region

This will permit you to take a gander at Ohio 's material areas and codes. You should at first pick how you need to buy a Ohio telephone number beginning at $1. Register to buy a Ohio telephone number. 236 area code .

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